Flutter Engage 2021

Flutter Engage 2021

Flutter Engage 2021 kicks off with Tim Sneath's announcement of the launch of Flutter 2.0.

"Flutter is the first UI framework that is designed for an ambient computing world"

Great quote on Flutter.

Flutter 2.0 broadens from a mobile framework to a portable framework unleashing apps to a wide variety of different platforms.

Right now there are over 150.000 apps built with Flutter. And this number doubled since last summer. Whoa. That's big!

Flutter 2.0 can target 6 platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • NEW Windows
  • NEW macOS
  • NEW Linux
  • NEW Web

All six platforms supported natively. That's unique.

Next up is a showcase app from gskinner named "Flutter Folio" that examines Flutter 2.0 support for mobile, desktop, tablet and web devices.

The full source code of this app is available too right at https://flutter.gskinner.com/.

But Flutter is also used inside Google.

The biggest app using Flutter is Google Pay.

With Flutter 2.0 support for Web is now available in stable. 🎉

Flutter is particularly suited for app-centric experiences like PWA (Progressive Web Apps), Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Flutter Customer Stories

Canonical Ubuntu is using Flutter to bring the Yaru style (the UI style of Ubuntu) to Flutter.

The new Ubuntu installer is built with Flutter and makes prominent use of the Yaru style.

The next customer story covers Toyota:

Toyota is building the infotainment systems with Flutter.

See in the picture below why Toyota chose Flutter to develop their next generation of in-vehicle infotainment system.

Updates on Dart

Dart is the building block of Flutter's portability and it's development performance.

Once you run Flutter apps and change something you know how fast updates can be in the development environment 😉

The newest release of Dart adds Null Safety.

Null Safety improves speed, decreases code size and app size and leads to smaller apps loading faster and execute more safely.

Dart FFI is out of Beta. This is great news for interoperability with Rust, etc.

Flutter Dev Tools Updates

Flutter Fix helps to migrate old (and maybe outdated) Dart code to the new (and null safety) Dart code

Flutter Inspector jumps right into the Widget that is causing the problem

Flutter Dev Tools works on Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio.

That was a bunch of news in Flutter Engage.

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Happy coding!

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