expressFlow is now Lean-Forge

expressFlow joined the LEAN-Family and rebranded itself as Lean-Forge. The aim of expressFlow was to develop innovative software products to help users and businesses to achieve their goals faster. With the next step in our growth path to join the LEAN-Family this aim was achieved and we are now a leading provider of software development services.

About us

Together Everyone Achieves More

We're a highly skilled and motived team of developers-at-heart operating in Vienna. Our projects range from Web-only to Full-Fledged Full Stack. We know no limits and challenge ourselves every day.

We code in Typescript, Java, Swift, Kotlin and Scala. On the Frontend Angular, React and Next.js are used. Most of our Backend implementations are build with Node.js.

We're a longtime partner of Google. We provide microservices on clouds from AWS, Azure, IBM and GCP. Our products scale with demand and are highly available in all regions on this planet.

Our in-house design studio creates versatile, robust, accessible and modern UX and UI systems. We see the project in 360°, from start to finish. Our expertise enables a streamlined, efficient and engaging working process.


We offer best-in-class products, from start to finish

Cloud Native

We primarily work with Google Cloud Platform but have also worked with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud. We're experienced designers of microarchitectures that work as reliable SaaS-solutions.

Progressive Web

Thanks to years of experience, we know how to build PWAs that even work when the device is offline. Our Progressive Web Apps deliver what users really require.

Full Stack

A deep integration and understanding of the whole modern tech-stack for distributed, resilient and highly available services on Frontend and Backend enables us to create outperforming solutions.

Responsive Design

Our products adapt to the user's needs and environment. Responsive design only starts at the layout, a real adaptive application respects color themes, accessability and loads on-demand features only when they're needed.


We have a great, real-world tested design studio that values the UX and UI of our solutions and understands their integral relationship with the user.

Analytic Services

Post-deployment enables an even deeper understanding of a customer's needs. Our SaaS-solutions get updated continuously to reflect that fact.