Gesundheit der Frau

⏱ tl;dr

State-of-the-art website for one of Vienna's best gynecologists, built as a SSR (server side rendered) and React-powered Progressive Web App.

🏹 The Challenge was an already hosted, stable and fast Website built with Wordpress. The site had served duty reliably for the past years, but its design and structure got outdated and required a fresh new paint.

Our client, Prof. Dr. Armin Witt, had invested a significant amount of time and effort during the past years in building up a vast and rich collection of FAQs, tackling a wide range of his customers' everyday questions to detailed technical ones. All data had to be moved over to a new CMS.

Thanks to very good SEO work done, this meant that the then current site was very well listed in Google Search. Extra care would be necessary to ensure that all indices were migrated as well.

🎯 The Solution

We took special care in preparing the implemenation both in regards of porting the SEO listing and migrating the large FAQs away from Wordpress to a new, independent CMS.

After a series of discussions where the new UI/UX was presented and iterated upon, everything was put in place to kick-off the implementation. Thanks to a short kept feedback loop, the fresh PWA (Progressive Web App) grew fast and in best accordance with Dr. Witt.

Some weeks of work later, the 2.0 version of was ready for prime time. Thanks to Next.js, we were able to correctly migrate everything SEO and CMS, making the creation of new blog post and FAQs easy and enjoyable.

⚙️ Stack

We're using Next.js with the SSR (server-side rendered) configuration. As with most of our frontend projects, the React-framework is called for duty to handle everything UI. is used as the CMS of choice, working very well with Next.js together to deliever fast, responsive and rich content (in fact, this very article you're reading is delivered by

And because we're using Next.js, our backend completely uses Node.js as runtime.

To enable reliable delivery even in cases of a weak web connection, GdF supports offline usage in a limited manner.