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⏱ tl;dr

Server-side rendered PWA for Samsung's premium partner for medical equipment trading, Lysis GmbH.

🏹 The Challenge

As a regular reader of our fine selection of blog posts and project behind-the-scenes, you know what's about to come: we want to challenge ourselves everyday and with every project, this one was no different.

The team was tasked to migrate an existing static website to the latest and greatest stack web has to offer. To facilitate the customer's vast collection of product data, a CMS had to be created, which was fast on the frontend and easy to use for curators.

Let's see how we did it!

🎯 The Solution

Next.js offers a great foundation for building state-of-the-art web apps. We set up a CMS solution with with richt and easy to extend data schemas.

The frontend got a fresh new paint, reflecting the modern and clean brand Lysis embodies, yet respecting the company's origin and design heritage. One mayor part in the UX remaster was the addition of a responsive layout, enabling mobile-optimized views not possible with the original site.

To best deliver the large collection of product data, we developed a completely new UI and navigation structure, which helps visitors of the site discover what they're looking for.

The final product is SSR (server site rendered) and delievers great performance on evevery device. Thanks to offline-usage, the PWA can even be called with limited capabilites when no connection to the web is available.

⚙️ Stack

Next.js & React are used to deliver the frontend as well as backend. is used to author the CMS.