Tierarztzentrum am Seepark

⏱ tl;dr

Sleek and simple, yet information-rich and largely customizable-by-the-customer PWA for a new vet clinic in Vienna.

🏹 The Challenge

Since the day joining team expressFlow during a stormy night onboard an 18th century galleon fighting one of the seven legendary creatures of the ocean all while trying to save the duke's princess' life (but that's a story for another day), I've had the pleasure to design, develop and distribute a wide range of applications, both cloud and native.

The most challenging and rewarding projects were those where the team was responsible for creating the customer's application as well as branding, e.g. logo, colors, typography, design language - you name it.

Realizing Tierarztzentrum am Seepark's project was one of those.

🎯 The Solution

Building on years of expierence with creating various applications in a variety of domains, we know how an app or website should look and behave to feel natural and intuitive to the user.

The team created many different logo, color and typography variations and combinations. After about two to three weeks, the branding and website layout were finalized, kicking off the actual implementation process.

The released product treats the CMS as an integral part of the overall site by avoiding directly written text in most cases and instead loading content dynamically from the backend. This enables the customer a very detailed control over what to display when, both for text and media such as images and video.

⚙️ Stack

Next.js & React are used to deliver the frontend as well as backend. Sanity.io is used to author the CMS.