Github Profile Readme

Let me start this post like that: Github's Readme just got a whole lot more interesting! Well, that's a sentence you probably thought to never read, but as it turns out, the busy team at Github has widened the use of Readme-files in your repos.

To be more precise, you can now use a to show in your account's overview page. Let's see how it can be done!

First, we need to set up a repo with your account's name as the repo's name, if not already done. Please make sure that you've entered the name correctly, even down to case sensitivity.

I'll use my personal account for demo purposes here, but you can create a profile Readme with every type of account.

Upon repo creation, Github already tells us that there's a fancy new feature to explore! Just check the mark to init with a file, else you have to manually add it later. When everything is ready, create the repo.

The stock-Readme looks very blank for now, but as a first step that's fine. To verify everything works as intended, click on your account-name's link in the upper left corner.

And there it is, your brand new profile Readme! Of course, that's only the starting point, as some very creative people in the community have already created fancy additions to enhance your Readme in various ways. Check out the link below to explore!

- Tom​

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